May 2020
  -  2020

Digital Marketing is about using advertising to drive traffic from that awareness phase all the way down to the retention phase and keeping the customer within your database. Now the section on the left of the diagram in this video is your broad awareness. So that's traditionally been your television, your radio, your print based advertising, which is broad awareness marketing. This phase is really

On this episode I chat to Dr Joe Kosterich about how concerned we should be around the Coronavirus / COVID-19. We discuss the hysteria around Social Media and how to look after our mental health & by choosing when to switch off to the news. We also touch into the economic impact the virus will have vs the impact of lives lost and whether

On this episode I chat to Sales Transformation expert Leigh Farnell. Leigh explains what sales transformation is all about in an organisation. We also chat about the negative connotations around the word 'sales' and how we now need to change our mindset in order to sell ourselves whether it be our career or our business, especially in a business to business type scenario. We

On this episode I chat to Leadership and Culture expert Brad Raynor. Brad chats about the key differences between 21st century leadership and the old way to lead. We also delve into what allows a CEO to be successful in the modern age. Leaders need to demonstrate that they are leading by example in the modern age and ensuring our 'Shadow Leadership' is