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Digital Marketing is about using advertising to drive traffic from that awareness phase all the way down to the retention phase and keeping the customer within your database. Now the section on the left of the diagram in this video is your broad awareness. So that's traditionally been your television, your radio, your print based advertising, which is broad awareness marketing. This phase is really

What’s unique about you? Personal branding needs to reflect who you are. Es sits down with a magician to discuss how his personal branding will improve his business performance. Es mentions the positive aspects of building your personal brand to gain exposure from people who are interested in you. You can then turn those interests into transactions.

We need to create content that engages an audience and if it’s not engaging it won’t work. Social media started off as a way to interact with friends but now it’s becoming important for businesses to use. Before social media when you saw an ad you couldn’t interact but now we can further optimise a campaign by creating better engagement between a business

What is persona-marketing, and how does persona-marketing help to enhance customer-centricity in digital marketing? Are you attracting the right customers? Personas are the people we want the attention of. Once you work out who they are you can determine the channels they use and what content will work to attract that audience and improve your marketing strategy.