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I encourage anyone to look at this situation to say, what could I go back into the world and do differently. Fear is the 1st step in change. Now is your time, you've got the second shot at life.

Aaron Ryder

On this episode I chat with Aaron Ryder about digital transformation and those who don’t adapt, whom aren’t open to change for innovation will face challenges ahead.

We also talk about how people as well as organisations, can find true purpose and how one can create positivity especially during challenging times. It’s the survive and thrive approach we must adopt in order to find our path forward. As individuals we have been given a second chance at life, and we need to acknowledge that fear is the very first step to making a change.

Aaron and I also chat about how people can look at ways to increase value even through permanent changes in human behaviour and technology, that may as a result, unveil opportunities.


1:53 – Misconception of consultants

4:17 – Consulting for Digital Transformation & Innovation

6:09 – Kodak didn’t transition for innovation and lost

8:14 – Openness to change

10:57 – Finding a true purpose

15:41 – Creating Positivity

18:31 – Survive & Thrive

21:31 – Covid-19 has changed human behaviour for good

22:37 – Our reliance on Voice Technology

26:21 – Finding Nemo is the secret to life & success?

28:47 – Entrepreneurship is the dumbest decision

31:34 – We have been given a second chance at life

33:48 – Fear is the 1st step in change

35:52 – Invest in your own growth

39:34 – Creating value in troubled times.

42:40 – How can Starbucks deliver a better experience

47:27 – Human beings love socialising & attention.

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