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  -  Podcast   -  Get Your Business Technology Ready | #EsChats 006 | Simon Cohen

There are alot of technology elements that are becoming the new norm. We will change the way we work and collaborate coming out of this. It's how we leverage the opportunities and relationships with our clients and the workplace.

Simon Cohen

On this episode I chat with Simon Cohen about how businesses are pivoting with their technology from the effects of COVID-19. We discuss how the impact of the virus will possibly change our workplace and working behaviour forever and what the impact on productivity and culture will have as we transition to and from work from home.

We discuss ways in which we can service clients better with Technology during the crisis and how to prevent possible security threats. Along with having the right balance in tech strategy and improving cost efficiencies.


1:35 – How are businesses responding to Covid-19

5:12 Massive contraction Vs Opportunity

6:29 – How Zoom will change business forever

8:19 – Working from home – Productivity, Culture & Trust

11:55 – An opportunity to service clients better with Technology

18:45 – The changing nature of Cyber Security threats

21:22 – Australia’s coronavirus tracing app’s data risks and Amazon

22:40 – Culture of security within your organisation

24:32 – How leaders can be more connected to their teams.

26:58 – Cloud based collaboration

28:08 – Long-term effects of working from home.

29:36 – Companies need to be more agile

32:06 – Zoom has increased the speed in which new business is done.

35:02 – Is your current technology hindering or enabling your business?

38:01 – The right technology strategy

41:58 – Having the right budget balance along with capability gaps

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