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Don't expose yourself to an overload of updates. Guided meditation and deep breathing are things we can do to take control of our mental health.

Dr Joe Kosterich

On this episode I chat to Dr Joe Kosterich about how concerned we should be around the Coronavirus / COVID-19. We discuss the hysteria around Social Media and how to look after our mental health & by choosing when to switch off to the news.

We also touch into the economic impact the virus will have vs the impact of lives lost and whether Australia has moved fast enough as a nation. Fear and anxiety is also a contagious factor and as individuals we can take control by becoming aware of negativity, showing more gratitude and kindness in order to escape the herd mentality.


1:11 – What’s the statistics? How concerned should we be?

10:27 – Hysteria, Social Media the virus Vs the Coronavirus itself

13:52 – Looking after our mental health & switching off.

17:32 – The economic impact Vs the impact of the virus?

22:18 – Have we moved fast enough as a nation?

25:20 – Fear & Anxiety is contagious

26:55 – Society is split into 2 parts – Doomsday, the sky is falling!

28:26 – The notion of Gratitude and Kindness

32:22 – The herd mentality

34:31 – What will come out of it this? How will life be on the other side?

37:46 – How do we take back control?

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